Zeeland, The Netherlands

Zeeland, The Netherlands

Had the best week of the year so far! Last week I traveled to the place I grew up and hadn’t visited in 20 some years.
Together with my mom and doggie we stayed at Center Parcs Port Zelande and we had such a great time! It’s a park in Zeeland, Netherlands and its only a couple of minutes away from the beach.
Fun fact: when I was 2 years old my mom used to work in this exact same park and I would be at the parks daycare.  And now we were back for the week!

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling when I first walked onto the beach. Stepping on the soft sand, hearing the seagulls, smelling the salty ocean air… It felt like coming home. So many memories came back to me. I remembered the feeling when my parents would tell me we were going to the beach today. My mom packing the cooler with nice sandwiches and drinks, sitting in the back seat of the car with my sister and inflatable crocodile which I already blew up so there was barely room to breathe, lol! It was so good to be back!

The cottage we stayed in during the week was right next to the road to the beach. It was definitely on walking distance but I enjoyed getting the rental bike out so it would only take me 3 minutes. I loved getting up early and head straight to the beach before 8 am so it was just me and the seagulls before I headed back for breakfast. Every morning we were surprised with a breakfast already waiting for us in the hallway of our cute cottage when we woke up. It had freshly baked bread and croissants, ham, cheese, hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), jam, donuts, orange juice, milk, yoghurt, granola… and I probably forgot a lot there was just sooo much. So if you ever stay here I would highly recommend booking the breakfast with it!

We had some little daytrips planned when we were here. Although the beach close to the park is nice (Brouwersdam) there is an amazing beach town just 10 km away called “Renesse”. Which is super busy in the summer but since the season hadn’t really started yet we almost had the entire beach to ourselves. It’s such a cute place and the colored beach houses looked amazing!

Alright enough talking… I’ll let the pictures speak for itself 🙂

You can check out the park here: Center parcs, Port Zelande

The house we stayed in. How nice are the colors?

The parks’ harbour

The sunsets at this place where absolutely insane! <3

The beach and beach houses at Renesse