Surfing with Planet Surfcamps!

Surfing with Planet Surfcamps!

To escape the rainy March weather I decided to head down south to the Island Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. I stayed with Planet surfcamps for some surf fun in the sun! <sponsored stay>

I flew from Amsterdam and my flight was delayed a bit due to the storm, man I couldn’t wait to leave haha! While I waited for my flight at the gate I met this lovely man in this 70s telling me all about his trips to all the different Canary Islands and the unique things each of them have to offer. I love stories like that. I could have listened to him forever and was even grateful the flight was delayed. It left me feeling so inspired to travel and hopeful that one day I’ll reach that age and I’ll be telling stories like that to strangers as well.

From the airport in Fuerteventura you can easily book a transfer a couple of days before you arrive and it will take you to a hotel near the surf house. It only costs € 6,00 to Corralejo, where the surf house is located. You can book it here

I arrived at the surf house late in the afternoon and immediately felt at home. You just walk up to this nice white apartment and walk into the big communal kitchen area and bam you are treated like you live there. You get your own cupboard and shelf in the fridge to store your food which you can buy in the supermarket across the street.

Keep in mind food is not provided so you’ll have to buy it yourself or eat out.

There are different kind of rooms you can stay at: a 4 bedroom dorm, a 8 bedroom dorm or a private room like the one I had. If you go for the last one you’ll  also get your own bathroom 😉 but it’s up to you. Shared rooms can be a lot of fun and for some it might be an easier way to connect with people but I like to have some space for myself so I can do some work and get some rest.

Time to surf!

On Sundays everyone comes together for a surf introduction where you try on wetsuits for the coming week of surfing and get divided into groups; beginners or intermediate. The groups consist of no more than 8 people to get the most out of your lesson! The lessons are around 3 hours long and you can find your next day’s surf times every night in the main kitchen area.

On Monday our first surfing lesson started at 3 pm and our surf instructor Pol picked us up with the van. We put our surfboards on top and drove to the spot with the best waves. I’ve never been so tired in my life! Three hours of fighting with the whitewash and trying to stand up on your board really takes all the energy out of you lol! But it’s all worth it when you catch a good wave and can feel the adrenaline rushing through you. I loved it and I slept like a baby that night…

The rest of the days were getting better and better. We mostly drove to El Cotillo on the west side of the island about 20 min drive from the house and it’s so beautiful there! On the third day I really started to get the hang of surfing and managed to stand up 90% of the time. Its crazy how fast you can improve yourself!

I loved the chill vibe on the island. During and after the surf lessons there was a lot of room for fun and shenanigans. On three of my surfing days I had Pol as instructor and he would bring his sidekick dog Pongo with him. On the way there Pongo would always be hanging with his head outside the window of the van and during the surf lessons he would wait at the shoreline hopeful one of us would come out of the water and throw his rock for him.

When you book your stay at the house you can put in the number of surfing days you would like so you don’t have to go surfing every day if you don’t want to. In between the lessons there’s enough time to go explore the island, go to the beach or visit Lobos island (an island nearby). I’ll dedicate another blog post to this soon!

What else besides surfing?

You can book yoga classes. When you make the booking you can add that you’re interested in yoga lessons and you’ll be added to the yoga whatapp group. A day in advance you can tell the yoga teacher when you’d like the 1,5 hrs lesson. I did two and it’s so good to stretch after surfing!
At the house you can practice your slack lining, play ping pong, swim in the pool and hang out on the big bean bags.

On Wednesday there’s a big barbecue! Its optional but everyone joined in when I was there. You pay € 10,- and the camp teamers take care of all the food and drinks. It was so good! Lots of amazing veggie food as well in case you don’t eat meat like me. And let’s not forget the Sangria!
On Friday its pizza or taco night. You sign up for this a day in advance and then go to a restaurant together. Our group consisted of 40 people all eating pizza and it was so fun! Afterwards we all went clubbing and it was a good way to end the week. Most people I was hanging with were leaving on Saturday so it was our last night together!

While I was on Fuerteventura I did loads more than just surfing but I’ll write another blog about it like I said to do it more justice.

Huge thanks to Planet Surfcamps for having me. Thanks to Pol(and dog Pongo) and Gerard for the amazing surfing lessons! And all the lovely people I met at the house. You made the whole expierence one I’ll never forget!