Spring adventures!

Spring adventures!

Snow is starting to melt, trees are getting green again, temperature is going up… Yep its spring!
Although I like every season I do have to say spring is my favorite especially if the winter has been long and dull.
I just love the fresh spring air, the new green leaves on the trees and everything just looking bright!

This time of year is perfect to hike and go on adventures. Time to drive around looking for some sweet spots.
Recently we found this lake on the map which looked pretty nice so we went and checked it out.
I was hard to find though. We were driving around for a while until we found somebody who would drive ahead of us, show us the way. Thanks for that 😉 otherwise we`d still be driving around.

There were two ways to get to the top: either take the long and easy way or the short and hard way. It wasn’t a tough choice: the last of course. Challenge yourself!

After a big climb we made it to the top (at some point I had to carry first one dog up a steep slope then come back and get the other).
The view was amazing! The lake was so incredibly blue. It’s also so strange to see a lake in the middle of a mountain.

On the way back I trashed by pants falling down the slope holding one dog in the air, but it was definitely worth it!

I love going on spontaneous little outings like that. I can’t wait for this summer full of outdoor adventures!







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