Snowboard trip Germany

Snowboard trip Germany

I just got back from a 5 day snowboarding trip in Winterberg, Germany and already I wish I was still there! We had the best weather! Lots of snow and most importantly SUN! I know Germany is probably not the first place you think of when thinking about a ski/snowboarding trip, but I felt I wanted to try something closer to home.

We booked this trip way in advance thinking there would definitely be snow in January because normally the ski area opens in December. We were so wrong though! There wasn’t any snowfall in December or the beginning of January and I was just so bumped out thinking the whole ski trip is going to be a big fail! Then I decided to stay positive; snow will come!

And it did! One week before our arrival it snowed! And lots of it too. All the lifts were open and best of all: the sun decided to come out as well for the whole trip! I couldn’t believe my luck.

The ski area is a bit on the small side with only 26 lifts but I really like the chilled vibe. I had such an awesome week there. Just look at the snow on the trees! Doesn’t that just look amazing?!

I will be coming back here for sure!











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