Scotland Road Trip

Scotland Road Trip

I just arrived back home from an amazing adventure in Scotland!!!

Together with 3 lovely people that I’ve met through Instagram we decided to go on a road trip through Scotland. We`ve stayed at the most amazing cabins and some I cannot even begin to describe but hopefully the pictures will speak for itself 😉

Alright here we go!

Day 1:

I arrived at Edinburgh Airport in the morning where Alice, Pierre and Jack were waiting to pick me up. Our first stop would be Glencoe. On the way there we drove through the most gorgeous landscape! Wow Glencoe looks amazing  with its bare hills and very very wet “swamps”.  The funny thing is you think you can stand somewhere but then you completely sink away into the mud!

We had a few stops along the way:

Then we arrived at our first cabin for the night: House in de wood, Woodland Cabins which you can find here:

It’s a lovely cabin with easy access from the main road.

Day 2:

The next day we headed to Loch Ness area where we stopped at Eas Chia-aig waterfall before we checked in our next cabin:


Eas Chia-aig waterfall

Ancarraig Lodges

Day 3:

This was by far the wettest day of them all. Even my waterproof jacket couldn’t take all of the rain and by the end of the day I was soaking wet!
We left the cabin in the morning to leave for the next one and stopped at Urquhart Castle and Ploddah falls.
I don’t have any pictures from the falls to show you since it was too wet to get any good shots but I loved Urquhart Castle which looks pretty amazing next to the Loch Ness.

After that we arrived in Nethy Bridge where I stayed at the best cabin I’ve ever stayed in. We checked in at The Lazy Duck  where you can stay in 3 different cabins and the hostel.

The first night me and Alice stayed in the Lambing Bothy which is in the middle of the sheep’s living area. I love love love this cabin so much! The interior looks amazing. It’s an eco lodge so there is no central heating, shower, toilet or running water. Now for some this might sound terrible but I promise you it’s so worth it! I’ve had the best experience ever. The water for the shower you boil on the fire place, put it in a bucket, add some cold water and then take it outside where next to the cabin you will find the shower.
To go to the toilet you walk to the back of the cabin where there is a outhouse. As you “sit” there you can open a little ledge so you can look into the woods and spot some deer. It’s the best thing!
On the grounds is a hot tub which will heat up with a fire. I took a bath at night and it’s such a crazy experience.

Day 4:

In the morning I got to feed the sheep, chickens and ducks which is why I love this place so much!

Sheep Hagrid and the girls in front of the Lambing Bothy


We visited a couple of Lochs in the area, Loch an Eilein (which has an old ruin in the middle of the lake) Loch Garten and Loch Morlich.
When we headed back to the Lazy Duck we checked in the Hostel for the night which has 8 beds, shower and toilet and is more like a family and group accommodation than a real Hostel.

Loch Morlich

Day 5:

We woke to a layer of SNOW!! First snow this winter and I couldn’t be happier! As soon as I saw it I got dressed and went outside. The whole place looked so beautiful with a fresh cover of snow.

The Hostel

The hot tub

In front of the Woodman`s Hut, The Lazy Duck (cabin the boys slept in)

Unfortunately after we had our fun in the snow and took loads of photos it was time for us to move on to the next place: Edinburgh.

I will miss the Lazy Duck and I’m already planning to go back there.

On our way to Edinburgh we drove through the Cairngorms which looked amazing with the fresh layer of snow. We arrived in the city late in the afternoon and checked into out apartment which Laterooms had provided for us. Then some time to explore Edinburgh and the Christmas market!

We visited the dome where there’s an amazing Christmas tree, went ice skating and walked down the market. It felt so Christmassy 🙂

And that was it! The next day I had 1 hour to visit the city at day light so Alice showed me around some spots very quickly and then I had to go back to the airport. I had my flight back home and the Scotland adventure was over. I made some great memories and had amazing new experiences. I will come back for you some day Scotland 😉