Onboard the “Symphony of the Seas”

Onboard the “Symphony of the Seas”

I stayed onboard the Royal Caribbean newest ship the “Symphony of the Seas” and it was one of the best experiences ever!
From the 27th till the 29th of March I had the pleasure to explore this amazing cruise ship, sailing from Malaga to Barcelona.

The new Symphony of the seas is a huge cruise ship with a capacity of 6680 passengers. It has 18 decks (16 guest decks) and you can find literally anything on board! Waterslides, a carousel, shops, a park with real trees!! Swimming pools, mini golf, basketball/soccer field, zip lining (yes you can actually zip line its insane!), surfing, tons of restaurants and an ice rink to name a few…
I have never seen anything like it before and this was definitely an experience to cross of my bucket list.

Tuesday the 27th of March
Leaving for the airport at 3 am I flew from Dusseldorf airport to Malaga where we (a whole bunch of bloggers and journalists) were picked up by a bus and dropped off at Malaga port.
Driving there we could see tiny glimpses of the Symphony in the distance, towering above the palm trees and other boats.
When we finally got near I couldn’t believe my eyes… this boat is huge! I couldn’t wait for the bus to stop so I could run to it and start exploring. I felt like a little kid about to go in the biggest sweet shop possible.

Before we could get on the boat there was of course security to go through and getting your personal passes so you can enter your room and use it to pay for anything on board which is super easy. That way you never have to bring your wallet!

Yay finally time to get on board!
I checked out my room first so I could change out of my “travel outfit” into some fresh clothes and the room was so so nice! Two twin beds that can be made into a royal one, a seating area, flat screen TV, a bathroom and a sea view balcony!
The room was on deck 14 so I was super close to deck 15 where for me most of the fun happened: swimming pools, waterslides, surfing it was all right there. I didn’t really know where to start but I decided to zip line first so I could get some of the excitement out of the way 😉
And then of course it was straight to the pool for me! After a long winter I couldn’t wait to soak in some much needed vitamin D and dive in the cool water. The weather in Malaga was around 20 degrees Celsius with a perfect blue sky and no cloud in sight.

After loads of swimming, exploring the top decks and taking loads of photos night was about to fall so it was time to explore the decks below. There is an actual park on deck 8 called “Central Park” with real trees and bars and restaurants. On the “boardwalk” is a carousel, a shop with sweets called “sugar beach” which literally is candy heaven, a climbing wall and loads more.
At 19.30 we were invited for dinner at the main dining room with a gorgeous view over sea. The food was amazing and the service was incredible. The people working here are so sweet. They all make some effort to talk to you and they come from all over the world! Spain, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Serbia… It’s so cool to meet all these different kind of people 🙂

Wednesday the 28th of March
I decided to get up early to check out the sunrise. Unfortunately I just missed it but the view still looked spectacular in the golden sun light. Mornings are my favorite no matter where I am. I always wake up early to enjoy this peaceful time of day when most people are still in bed.

After that it was time for breakfast at “windjammer” restaurant which is at deck 16. Anything you ever whished for is right here. Fresh fruit, muesli, loads of savory stuff like sausages and salmon, waffles, pancakes, tons and tons of muffins and pastries and sooooo much more. This place was my favorite for breaky and lunch with the best view over sea and the nicest people.

Next was trying out the waterslides at deck 15! Wow these are insane! I tried the blue one out first which is completely dark which is the craziest experience when you can’t see a thing!. My fav was the yellow/green one with the “bowl”. It looked so cool on the inside with the colors.

The rest of the day was spend playing mini golf, eating lunch 2x while sitting on the deck in the sunshine, swimming and trying out the slides “abyss” which are 2 slides at the back of the ship on deck 15 and take you to deck 6. The amazing day was ended with the best dinner possible at the main dining room.

Thursday the 29th of March
I can’t believe it’s over already! I could have spend weeks on this boat and not be bored. The Symphony arrived in Barcelona early in the morning and it was time for us to go back to the airport.

I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences ever! I can’t wait to get back on the “Symphony of the Seas” one day 🙂

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Checking out the ship while docked in Malaga.

Central Park on deck 8

Sunrise at sea <3

The coast of Spain in the distance looked incredible!


How I like to start my morning everyday 😉

The mini golf cours is so much fun!

One of the waterslides…