Nine Royals, Watles Italy

Nine Royals, Watles Italy

Hi guys!
I’ve just got back from an amazing couple of days at the Nine Royals in Watles, Italy with the Gopro fam.

We stayed at hotel Edelweiss in Schlinig which is such a lovely little village in the mountains of South Tirol. From there it was only a short bus drive across winding roads to Watles where all the fun happened 😉

The day after I arrived we went up the mountain for some skidooing (think I just made that word up) It was one of the most awesome things I have done so far. Racing through the snow surrounded with the best mountain views possible gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. You should definitely put it on your bucked list!

Next day the event nine royals took place in the mountains of Watles. Before finals we got the chance to ski or snowboard a little bit. It was my first time snowboarding so late in the season but I loved it! No jacket needed + slush = a very happy me 🙂

It was insane to watch all the riders jump the castle. Seriously, they showed some crazy skills!

Anyways, I will let the pictures speak for themselves, hope you enjoy 🙂

Btw, if you’re wondering where I got my awesome hoodies from, there from the brand DOPE CLOTHING and you can get them at RIDESTORE.COM They kept me nice and warm so I didn’t need to wear my jacket!


Sipping my wine with epic views!



Gopro Fam <3

Spring flowers in Schlinig





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