Lofoten part 2: exploring the South

Lofoten part 2: exploring the South

Hey! Continuing with the second part of my trip to the Lofoten island. If you haven’t read the first part you can click here to read it.

After exploring some parts in the more northern part of the Lofoten it was now time to go south! The drive from north to south is super easy. There is just one main road the E10 that you can follow. I didn’t even feel the need to use a navigation system.
Arriving in Hamnøy, where I would be staying for a couple of nights, it quickly became clear why this place is so popular. The little islands connected by bridges, the fjords with high peaks surrounding them, the fisherman’s houses everywhere… it’s a stunning place!

Where I stayed

While exploring the more south part I’m staying at Eliassen Rorbuer <gifted stay>. This place feels like a little village on its own with different places to stay in from apartments to cabins and to the one I was staying in: a traditional waterfront fisherman’s rorbue. I couldn’t believe my luck when I drove up to it and saw the cabin I would be staying in for the next couple of days. It felt like being transported back in time, waiting for the father of the family to come back from fishing at sea bringing in a big fish we would prepare for diner later. I could see it so clearly. It was such a cool experience! The location is perfect and the view from the little windows was just stunning!

The places I visited


Something that was on my list to do was to hike to Ryten. The hike is so much fun and probably the best I’ve ever been on with its stunning scenery every part of the way. It’s an easy hike from about 4 km one way and it slowly goes up with only some parts that are a bit steeper. Hiking the last bit up to Ryten gives you an amazing view of Kvalvika beach below which you can also hike to but I decided not to do that this time. Saving that for when I come back one day 😉

Some trail in Sørvågen

On my last full day I was planning to hike to Munkebu hut which would have been amazing by the look of it online. But half way there it started chucking down rain mixed with snow and the trail, which at that point had become slippery boulders you had to climb up using steal chains, had become somewhat dangerous. After taking cover for a bit I decided to go back down as I also wanted to hike to Reinebringen and the fresh snow would slow me down so much I would miss that hike.
The parts I did hike were really nice and there wasn’t another soul in sight. I came across a couple of cabins on the lake that made me quite envious of the people owning that haha! So another one I’ll have to hike when I get back one day. (cabin on the photos is not Munkebu hut)


After returning from my failed attempt to the last hike I went back to my rorbue, warmed and dried up before I went off to my last hike of the trip: the well known Reinebringen. For the most part this hike consist of stone steps that are new since this year(spring 2019). The hike isn’t really that exciting to be honest. The last bit (50 meters) the stairs disappear and you have to climb to the top, sometimes even with hands and feet. It was super muddy and slippery from the rain and the many people that hike this place. Once you reach the top you will understand why it’s such a popular hike. The view is breathtakingly beautiful with the towns of Reine, Hamnøy and other below you and the stunning mountain tops in the distance. Since it had just snowed a bit the mountains looked even better with the fresh sprinkle of snow.

After that it was time to go home. The Lofoten are really something special and I’m already planning a trip back there. Maybe in spring? Who knows 🙂