Fuerteventura Travel Guide

Fuerteventura Travel Guide

Fuerteventura, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, with its bright blue turquoise waters contrasting with the reddish colored land make it one of my favorite places to visit. The island is known for its strong winds and is therefore a great destination for water sport enthusiasts but also has amazing scenery if you’re not into surfing of kiting.

I’ve been to this island twice staying both in the northern part and in the south and I feel like I know the island well enough now to give you some travel advice in case you want to explore this epic island!

Best time to travel: you can visit this island year round and enjoy the warm temperatures. Both times I’ve been here were during March with temps between 20 and 25 degrees. I’ve been told that during the summer months the temps can go quite a bit up but there will usually be a strong wind to make it feel much cooler. I think the best time will be either before or after summer to avoid the summer season tourists 😉

How to get around: You will arrive at the airport in Puerto del Rosario from there you can take a shuttle bus to take you to where you are staying. Its super affordable and easy and I really recommend using this shuttle service: Shuttle Spain.  One way to Corralejo cost me around € 6,00 and a one way to the south of the island (esquinzo, costa calma etc.) was around € 14,00.
You can also rent a car either for the whole length of your trip or just for a couple of days. It gives you a lot of freedom to explore a lot of the island. I rented a car for one day and it cost me € 40,00.(prices will go down the more days you’re renting it) Another fun way is to rent a bike and explore a bit of the island that way.

Where to stay: this totally depends on what you want. My first stay was in the north of the island in Corralejo. This is a small city and doesn’t really have a beach(other than popcorn beach). It does however has a shopping street, lots of restaurants and places to eat, markets and a harbor. If you like the calm and quiet look into El Cotillo, a small fishing place with an amazing beach!
If you are looking for more of a beach holiday than maybe look into the south part with beach towns like Costa Calma and Morro Jable. They both have stunning sandy beaches.
For water activities you can stay in the north and the south with lots of options since the island is not that big and you can either go to the west or east coast depending on the conditions.

Places to go

North part of the island

  • Half a day trip to Lobos Island. From Corralejo you can book a trip to Lobos Island. The island has not been inhabited since the 70s and has such an awesome vibe. The island is surrounded by bright turquoise water and I can definitely recommend a visit. You can just book a boot there or book a whole excursion which includes the use of snorkels, sup boards, kayaks and a local lunch (which was delish!).
  • Day trip to Lanzarote. Also from Corralejo you can book a trip to Lanzarote. I suggest to book a guided tour since the island has an amazing history!
  • El Cotillo. Visit this small fisherman town to enjoy some local food and walk along the stunning beach! Also great spot for surfing!
  • Parque Natural de las Dunas. An 11 km stretch of dune close to Corralejo on the east coast that looks like a desert landscape.
  • Corralejo. A bigger town in the north. Lots of things going on but not too busy. Go to Popcorn beach which is made out of washed up Coral and looks like popcorn.
  • Calderon Hondo. The hike up this volcano is amazing and once you reach the top you’ll be greeted by hundreds of squirrels! You can walk around the crater and have amazing 360 degree views.

Middle of the Island

  • Antigua. Visit the Molino de Antiqua. An old functioning windmill in the middle of a nice garden full of indigenous plants.
  • Ajuy. This tiny coastal place has a beach with black volcanic sand and a cliff path that will take you to a huge cave. Definitely worth a visit!

South of the island

  • Morro Jable. A touristy town with a long boulevard along the beach. Go into the touristy shops, eat at one of the many restaurants and have a stroll along the beach.
  • Jandia National park. This park cover almost the entire south part of the island. Its stunning red mountain range is a great place for hikes. You’ll run into wild goats and squirrels and probably not too many people. Make sure you bring enough water since this is a very isolate area and you don’t want to be out there in the heat without any water!
  • La Pared. The coast with the high cliffs, turquoise water and sandy beach made this one of my fave places to watch and do some surfing!
  • Costa Calma. If you like a busy beach town vibe go here. A long sandy beach and touristy shops and restaurants will make this a fun day out.
  • Jandia Lighthouse. All the way on the south tip of the island is the Jandia Lighthouse. The dirt road from Morro Jable to this point is half of the experience with the occasional sheep or goats on the way 😉
  • Cofete beach. One of the most beautiful beaches of all the Canary island. I haven’t seen them all but it sure looked stunning! To get to the beach you have to take a 25km long dirt road through the mountains. Keep in mind that the car insurance of the rental car doesn’t cover this road. There’s also a bus going that only goes twice a day that departs from Morro Jable. If you do take a rental car there make sure you stay until sunset! Its gorgeous!!
    Also at the beach’s car park I was greated by a couple of donkeys that were strolling around 😉


  • Snorkeling at Lobos Island. If you decide to take a half day trip to Lobos Island bring a snorkel. The waters there are crystal clear and perfect for some underwater exploring!
  • Wind surfing and kiting. As the island is known for the wind there’s lots of opportunities to do both of these activities around the island.
  • Biking. Such a fun way to explore the island! If you are staying in Corralejo I can highly suggest biking to the Calderon Hondo volcano and grab something to eat in the cute town of Lajares.
  • Hiking. Lots of hiking can be done as well. Check out Jandia National Park for some awesome hikes!
  • Surfing. I’ve been surfing on the island twice, once in the north and once in the south and both times on the most stunning beaches! If you are in the southern part of the island check out Rapa Nui surfschool in Costa Calma. You can stay at their surfschool or just book lessons and they can pick you up at your apartment/hotel. On my surf lesson we went to La Pared and it was awesome!

And that’s it for this travel guide to Fuerteventura. I hope it made you excited to visit this island and helped you planning your trip there! 🙂