Fuerteventura: my top 5 things to do

Fuerteventura: my top 5 things to do

While I was on the island Fuerteventura for a surf trip in March I did find some time to explore a little bit of the island and I thought I would share them with you!
Lets get right into it! (scroll all the way down to find the locations on the map)

1. The coast of Ajuy

On my first day on the island I was invited by three people from my surf house to come along a little road trip to the west coast to a tiny seaside place called Ajuy. We drove from Corralejo where our surf house was located to Ajuy and this was around a 1,5 hrs drive.
We arrived at Ajuy with its tiny black volcanic beach and headed up the path that goes along the cliffs and takes you to a cove which you can go into. And if you go a little further you have this amazing view on top of the cliffs!

2. Antigua

On the way back from Ajuy we drove through a place called Antigua and its definitely worth to stop and walk around this place. One kilometer north of Antigua you can find the windmill: Molino de Antigua. You can visit the museum but we just looked at the mill from the outside and walked around the little cactus garden.

3. Popcorn Beach

While at the surf house in Corralejo there was lots of free time which was usually spend at “popcorn beach”. There’s no sand at this beach but washed up coral which looks exactly like popcorn! I’ve never seen anything like it and I can understand why it’s become such a big “instagrammers” place. If you go here make sure you wear flip-flops to go to the water or even bring water shoes cause its terrible to walk on, lol! Also right at this beach is the Sunset Lounge which do amazing smoothies!

4. Calderon Hondo

About 6 kilometers from Corralejo you find an area with several volcanoes which we could see from our surf house. We decided to go and rent bikes to visit one of them: Calderon Hondo which has a perfect round crater. There’s only one dirt road going up there and the landscape literally looked like from another planet! The last bit of the way has to be done on foot. The walkway looks amazing and takes you through the volcanic rock all the way up to the crater where a welcome party awaits you: hundreds of chipmunks! As soon as they noticed us they run up to us and started begging for nuts. They were so funny! While we were up there we could also hear wild goats from down the crater. We walked all the way around the crater and its one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and one of the highlight of the trip.

5. Lobos Island

The other highlight of the trip was Lobos Island! On my last day in Fuerteventura I decided to go to Lobos Island. The island lies 2,5 km above Fuerteventura and a small boat took us there in around 15 minutes. The Island has not been inhabited since the 1970’s and there are only a few houses left. There is one tiny  “restaurant” which is just in a small house and can fit only around 10 people haha! But the food was amazing!!! Island specialty: Canaries potatoes, tortilla, tomato salad and bread was all there was but it tasted so good! Especially the salted potatoes with the sauce. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
The water around this island looked insane! Never thought I would see water this clear. I took out a sup board and explored the lagoons around the island.

I’d booked the trip through the surf house which is a complete excursion. You can also just book a boot trip there and explore the island on your own. But if you do book the excursion you can also go on the sup boards, go snorkeling and have that amazing lunch!!

My visit to Fuerteventura has been such an amazing experience and hopefully I’ll be back one day!

You can check out my time at the surf house here: Surfing with Planet Surfcamps

Location Map