Exploring in your own “backyard”

Exploring in your own “backyard”

You don’t always have to go to foreign countries or distant places to explore new things. Exploring close to home can be just as fun!

Sometimes you just don’t have the money or time to go far away, why not try finding some awesome places closer by? Who knows, maybe there`s a beautiful spot just around the corner.

I love to hop in the car and just drive somewhere, anywhere. See where the road takes me.
This one time my friend and myself went to do some exploring. 20 minutes away from our home we found this amazing clear lake with almost turquoise water.  We couldn’t believe our eyes. You just don’t find those kind of lakes here, where there are no mountains what so ever.
But here it was, this gorgeous lake hidden behind the trees. We walked around the lake until we came to a small dock, the best spot of the lake!
I was with one of my oldest friends, that kind of friend where you don’t need to say anything, you just look at each other and know you are thinking the same thing.
And so we did. Just one look was enough; we took our clothes of and jumped in (Although it was raining and very cold!). We jumped in a couple of times, even though we were freezing, until we had to get out because of a thunder storm.

If we didn’t do some exploring that day close to home we might never knew about this lake. We come here so often now. I love this place and it’s just around the corner ;).

So go out there! Go explore! Maybeyou will find that beautiful hidden place near you that wants to be discovered 😉

Here are some pictures I collected over the past year of this amazing lake:

2015-05-20bThis picture was taken on the day mentioned above. As you can see its pouring rain!






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