Camping in the Ardennen, Belgium

Camping in the Ardennen, Belgium

Looking for a place to recharge? I’ve found the perfect place! The last couple of days I’ve been staying in a “safari tent” at Camping SY in Belgium provided by Vodatent.
These tents give you some luxury while still giving you the feeling of camping. The one I slept in had a living area with 2 lounge seats, a kitchen and a gas heater. Two sleeping areas, one with a double bed and one with two bunk beds.
The camping itself is down in the valley by the river and is really peaceful. The village Sy is tiny and there aren’t any shops or anything but there are a couple of places you can have a bite to eat or you can eat at the camp ground  where they do amazing “tosti’s” (grilled sandwiches)!

The camping Sy. On the left is the old hotel which dates from the 50’s. The owner told me a ghost story about it and I was able to check it out inside. They even kept all of the old notebooks where guests had to write down their names, occupation, how long they were staying etc. It was so cool to see a birth name written in there dating from 1890!

The tent I stayed in…

Although there isn’t that much to do in the village itself except hiking and climbing, there are loads of activities you can do close by.
On my second day I went for a 10 km kayak tour with “Kayak Remous” down the river Ourthe which is such a great idea to take in all the surrounding nature this area has to offer! On this tour you come  across a couple of tiny villages where you can stop and have something to drink & eat and you can get really close to the rock walls which look amazing from the kayak’s viewpoint.
If you are in this area go check them out: Kayak Remous . It will not disappoint 😉


The day after that I visited the smallest city in the world: Durbuy. It felt like I stepped in a time machine and went  500 years back in time! This place should definitely be on your bucket list of places to travel to. If you do go here I would advice to go in the morning before all of the tourist arrive  in the afternoon. That way you can really feel the magic of this place!

The last full day in Belgium I spent by walking the Ninglinspo Trail which is only a 30 minute beautiful drive away from the camp ground in Sy. The Ninglinspo is the only mountain river in Belgium. The trail is about 6 km long and you walk along the river through this amazing fairytale woodland. This trail was the most fun trail I’ve ever walked. The path takes you over tiny bridges, rocky slopes, past a couple of tiny waterfalls and rock formations and also a couple of pools. If the weather were a bit better that day I would for sure have taken a dip! The water was quite low which provided an awesome playground in the river. It’s so fun to find your own path over the rocks making you feel a bit like Bear Grylls haha!

So that was my short trip to Belgium! I loved staying at Camping village Sy where everyone is super friendly. I didn’t realize I missed camping so much which I hadn’t done for over 10 years! I definitely got my love for camping back and I can’t wait to do it all again. A huge thanks to Vodatent which provided the Safari tent and Camping Sy for having me!

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