Autumn photo mission

Autumn photo mission

Recently I went on a little insta mission with my friend to some lovely places in The Netherlands.
I don’t really go there that often (last time was about 10 years ago, oops) which is a shame because the nature is just stunning.

Our first stop was at the biggest “hunebed” of the country. Hunebedden are a construction from huge rocks which served as a grave or tomb and are build around 5000 years ago.
I believe there are around 50 Hunebedden in this area which all look different. If you ever come visit The Netherlands I suggest to go see them.



Next we drove a while through the woods looking for some nice spots to take photo`s. It’s so nice to drive through this part. The woods and landscape look so incredible especially on this day; the sun was out and the trees looked so pretty with the autumn colors.





We ended the day with some nice hot cacao at a little restaurant we found.
I love days like these, exploring the places close to home. There is always something nice to find in the places you don’t expect it. So GO explore!

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