Algarve, Portugal: 10 days exploring the south and west coast

Algarve, Portugal: 10 days exploring the south and west coast

This was my second time to Portugal so I kinda knew what beautiful sights were awaiting me(even though the last time was 8 years ago)  but I never expected it to be this good!

I went on a 10 day adventure exploring the Algarve which is the most Southern region of Portugal known for its beautiful cliffs and beaches!

Alright let begin! (This trip is in collab with multiple companies, see disclaimer at the end)


I started the trip in Albufeira since it was close to Faro airport where I landed in the evening. By car you’ll reach the town in only 30 minutes from the airport. Since I don’t really like being in busy areas I stayed in a hotel 2 km out of Albufeira right on top of a cliff and it was such a quiet area with the city centre only a 15 min beach walk away.

Before I moved on to the next place I made a stop at the harbour to take a boat tour along the coast line showing the beautiful caves. Right before we went back to the harbour we saw dolphins! First time seeing them and they are so fun and playful!
This tour was in collab with Visit Algarve and the boat tour was by AlgarExperience.


I think this place was my favorite of the whole trip. I stayed at Hotel Baia Cristal <sponsored stay>  which is also on top of a cliff and 5 min away from my fav beach of all time: Praia de Vale Centeanes.
Every morning I’d wake up at 6, walked to the cliffs and just sat there for a while watching the swallows perform their morning “dance”. The view from the cliffs into the distance and the special beach below it is just beyond words. After a while I would walk back to the hotel for its amazing breakfast buffet before I would take the cliff path down to the beach.

The Hotel Baia Cristal lies about 1,5 km away from the centre of Carvoeiro. You can easily reach it to just follow one road to the centre or you can take the cliff path which will take you a bit longer but is so beautiful and fun 😉

What I loved about this hotel was the fact that it doesn’t really feels like a hotel with long hallways and elevators but more like some sort of residence. The reception and restaurant are in the main area but a lot of the rooms have their entrances outside but still close by which is great! The swimming pool was easily reached from my room and so was the big garden with lots of beds and cute wooden beach umbrellas.


Next up Lagos! This town has a very cool historic centre and lots of boat tours start in Lagos harbour because of the famous cliffs.
I tried to stay away from all the places that flood instagram these days but on one of my early morning walks I did stumble on the well known Praia do Camilo and I guess it was pretty stunning and luckily still completely empty at 7 in the morning.

I stayed at Vivenda Miranda <sponsored stay> while I was here which was incredible! I’ll dedicate a special blog post about this beautiful place since I have too many photo’s to share. It will be up in a couple of days.

The beach Praia de Porto de Mós, where I spend most of my time while at Vivenda Miranda in Lagos. You can see the place left on the cliff.

Odiáxere and Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park

After a couple of beach places it was time to explore the rural country side of Portugal which I did in Odiáxere which is a small town where time seems to have stopped only 15 minutes away from Lagos.
I stayed at the beautiful Quinta das Barradas <sponsored stay> with it’s orange trees, natural pond, farm animals and many more! Again, I will dedicate another blog post soon since it’s just too good not to.

While I was in Odiáxere I decided to explore a bit of the west coast and wow am I happy I did that! It’s so completely different than the south of the Algarve. From Odiáxere I drove to Odeceixe which is at the border where the Algarve ends.
I had an amazing surf lesson there with João from Surf Seixe Academy. Even though we didn’t have a lot of time since it was one lesson João still managed to teach me something new and I even did my very first turn(sort of) so very proud of that 🙂 Praia de Odeceixe is stunning and I’ll definitely will be back for some more surfing with Surf Seixe Academy. Bring on the green waves!

After the cool surf experience I drove down through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park which again is stunning and stopped at Praia do Amado. This beach is now also on the list of most stunning beaches I’ve been to. Being on the west coast its completely different than the beaches on the south coast. The place looks amazing with the rough cliffs and rocks surrounding it. There’s a lot of wind and big waves and apparently its one of the best beaches to surf with surfers coming here from all over Europe.

Next I drove to Sagres and the Cabo de São Vicente which is the most southern west point of Europe.
There’s a lighthouse which you can’t really see much of tbh. It’s extremely windy and cold up there and I needed a sweater and a jacket to keep me warm.  The view was kind of nice but to be completely honest I wouldn’t make the drive down again. Same goes to Sagres; I drove through it looking for a place to eat but the town didn’t look appealing at all so ended up in Salema which is a cute little beach town about 15 min drive from Sagres on the way to Lagos.

Cabo de São Vicente

After staying in the Quinta in Odiáxere I drove back to Albufeira to spend two more nights where I chilled on the beach before I headed home again.

I loved Portugal and it was so fun to see all the many different places and vibes the Algarve has to offer. Definitely recommend to go on a little road trip if you’re thinking about a visit instead of staying in one place since the Algarve has so much to offer!

Huge thanks to all the collabing partners that made this trip possible:
Visit Algarve
Algar Experience
Hotel Baia Cristal
Vivenda Miranda
Quinta das Barradas
Surf Seixe Acadamy

These experiences and stays were gifted to me. The reviews I make are always honest and true to my own experience.