A special place: Lech am Arlberg, Austria

A special place: Lech am Arlberg, Austria

This blog post might a bit different from my usual post but I wanted to share this special place of mine and I thought it deserved a special post. So here it goes 🙂

Even though this year was only the second time I visited Lech it already starts to feel like home. The village is small and authentic, the mountains surrounding it are stunning and it’s nature just sucks you in to explore all the trails. Outside of hiking, biking and all that good stuff, Lech is also a very well-known winter sports resort and when you first drive into the village you can see why. Slopes that go right down to the main street and lots of hotels to take your pick from. Which brings me to a very special place: Hotel Lech. This hotel is owned by my friend’s parents and has been in the family for decades. What draws me to this place is the warm and cozy feeling of it. A home away from home. This is how you will be treated and how it will make you feel. You can be yourself, relax and enjoy the warmth this place has to offer.

I have never visited in winter but I can just image how it must feel coming of the slopes with cold hands and feet, taking of your boots and sitting down in the cozy homey lounge by the fireplace with a big mug of hot cocoa.

On my first visit in Autumn 2018 I was lucky enough with the weather to be able to climb to a couple of peaks: Omeshorn which gives a stunning view of the village Lech below and Mohnenfluh with neverending views of the mountains in the distance. This time though the weather wasn’t as cooperative so I had a little wander around the village and went on a small hike on one of the beautiful trails Lech has to offer surrounded by snowy peaks and total stillness. Even though my visit was fleeting it was yet again one to remember.

I hope you enjoy some snaps of this year’s visit to a very special place of mine…

4 photos above by Vreni vom Berg